Board of Directors_

On 18/3/2019, a new board took office at Veerkracht4. The vacant chairman's seat was filled again, and a number of new members were appointed. The board is composed as follows:

Chairman: Angelique Declercq
Vice-chairman: Renaat Vandenbulcke

Members of the Board of Directors:
Marleen Becarren
Jan Bekaert
Linda Delepierre
Katrien Dousy
Vincent Dumortier
Lisa Maxy
Rudy Nuytten
Herman Ponnet
Sofie Pringels
Christophe Raes
Ann Roose
Frederik Vandamme
Randy Verfaille
Emilie Vandenheede
Lianna Mkrtchyan
Breye Virginie

Sole member of the general assembly:
Stefanie Behaeghels
Gunther Bamelis

Board of Directors

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